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Science and Technology Studies: The Next Twenty

21 March 2011

Over at Harvard’s Program for Science Technology and Society, academics are preparing for a conference that proposes to look back on the past twenty years of scholarship in STS, and look forward to the promises and challenges of the next twenty. Just some of the great people who will be coming together are listed here.

On April 7-9th, under themed headings of STS’s engagements with the disciplines, its theories, and its core/futures, they will be asking what they can say about their achievements as a “thought collective”, and considering what can be passed on to new scholars. It looks like there’ll be something to interest everyone, with panels addressing the Law, Economics and Markets, Management, Intervention and Disaster, Boundaries, Difference, Publics and even Langdon Winner on opening the Black Box.


While further details and the program are available here, the point to note is that the meeting will be streamed in a live feed to anyone who can’t be in Boston this April, offering overseas scholars and students an opportunity to participate. They invite all those interested to join them in their ‘conversations within and beyond the field’. Well, we might just have to do that!

The @PFGStweets feed will be following and RTing the @STSNext20, so watch this space. Anyone who wants to join us to watch the livefeed broadcasts and write up their impressions of the discussion, get in touch!

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