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Studentships at Lancaster

24 March 2011

The Department of Sociology at Lancaster is currently offering three funded PhD studentships, all of which are grounded in STS approaches. Two are funded by Intel Corporation and one by the European Research Council.

Deadline for applications is 1 April 2011.

Studentship 1: Reproducing and Conceiving Data
The study will follow the material practices of people in the course of conception and pregnancy, with special emphasis on the connection between data-monitoring and other health-related and everyday life practices. Following a cohort of people attempting conception and experiencing pregnancy, it will map the intersections and contradictions between online activities (including recording, gathering, comparing, interpreting, discussing, visualizing, networking), everyday practices such as eating and exercise, clinical examination and testing and other social processes.

Studentship 2: Personal Genomics Data
This study will address a broad range of activities and sites related to the production, circulation and use of personal genomics, from attempts at DIY sequencing to the development of sophisticated statistically-informed analyses of biological test results by specific interpretative communities. It will ask how knowledge gained through Direct To Consumer testing intersects with formal medical expertise, and the more experiential knowledge produced in health advocacy groups.

The project is led by Dr Celia Roberts, Dr Adrian Mackenzie and Dr Maggie Mort.

For more details please see

Or contact Celia Roberts,

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