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Event : 6th Annual Postgraduate Conference in Bioethics “Bioethics and the Body”

25 February 2012

Last year, Alexis Paton (PEALS, Newcastle), Simon Jenkins (Birmingham), Greg Morlock (Birmingham) and Alex McKeown (Bristol) put together a review of the 2011 Postgrad Bioethics Conference, on the integration of sociological methodologies within bioethics research.

The 2012 Annual Postgrad Conference in Bioethics Call for Papers is out, and the theme this year is “Bioethics and the Body”, with four key themes

  • The Treatment/Enhancement distinction
  • Disability Ethics
  • Sociology of the Body
  • Transhumanism
They’ve got four great guest speakers – John Harris (Manchester), Jackie Leach Scully (Newcastle), Gill Haddow (Edinburgh) and Kevin Warwick (Reading) who will give a masterclass on each of the themes (John Harris  on Treatment/Enhancement, Jackie on Disability etc).
Details for the abstracts and guidance on putting them together are available on the postgradbioethics website here. The deadline is coming up shortly – March 1st. If your paper gets accepted, why not offer to write us a review of the event? Good luck!
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