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Current Members

Here are some of our current members and their interests. If you’d like to join and be listed here, please get in touch with us using our pfgsmtgs gmail account!

Gemma Moore, Phd Candidate in the School of Sociology, University College Dublin. Research areas include bioethics, sociology of science and health and illness. Her thesis title is ‘An examination of the ethical, legal and policy issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research policy development in Ireland’.

Jessica Bell is a PhD candiate in the School of Law at Sheffield University. She is interested in the regulation and governance of large-scale biobanking, specificaly the legal structures set up around UK Biobank as a charitable company and a public resource.

Ben Douglass completed his MPhil at the University of Sheffield in November in 2012, with the title ‘Just Genetics: How far does the moratorium on the use of genetic data by insurers within the UK accord with Rawls’ principles of justice?’. It is available for download here.

Anna Hescott is a PhD candidate in the School of Law at the University of Sheffield interested in the interactions between scientists and the law. Her thesis working title is “The engagement of biological scientists with patent information”. Anna co-organised the PFGS regional workshop ‘Governance and Intellectual Property of Biotechnology: Developed and Developing Countries’ Perspectives’ in March 2012. Read a review of the day here.

Caroline Huang is a doctoral research student in ethics and genetics at the Ethox centre in Oxford. She is looking into the ethical and policy implications that arise in relation to the identification, care and treatment of chronic inherited disorders using a comparative (UK/US framework. She organised the June 2012 regional workshop at Ethox on ‘Emerging themes in Clinical Genethics’, a summary of which can be found here.

Liga Elksne, Science, Technology and International Development at the University of Edinburgh School of Social and Political Sciences. Research interests: ‘Global South’, post-colonial STS.

Medard Djatou, Anthropology student at Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany. Research topic: Disabilities and Cultures in Africa: Perceptions and representations of albinos in Sudanosahelian and Bantu cultural areas of Cameroon and its implications for their social wellbeing.

Gillian Crawford, University of Southampton, Clinical Ethics and Law. Current field of research is the ethical issues associated with new genomic technologies, such as issues of consent and disclosure around clinically relevant incidental findings from genetic tests.

Hannah Shipman is a PhD student at Cardiff University, looking at the application of new technologies to clinical practice, particularly issues of consent. Hannah’s working PhD title is “Consent for novel techniques in clinical practice and genetic research: current experiences and looking ahead”. She is co-organising the May 2013 Cardiff Regional Workshop.

John Rumbold is a postgraduate law student conducting an interdisciplinary PhD project in medicine and law, looking specifically at mental condition defences (automatism, unconsciousness and insanity). He’s based at RISS, Centre for Law, Ethics and Society.  He’s a student member of the Socio-Legal Studies Association. John has written blogposts for the PFGS here, and tweets using the handle @DocInsanity

Andelka Phillips is a PhD candidate at HeLEX, Oxford. Her research focusses on the rights of individuals in their genomics sequences information, particularly in the context of direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing. She also co-convenes the Medical Law and Ethics discussion group, for more see here.

Philip Bremner is a PhD student at the University of Exeter. His research considers the legal implications of assisted reproductive technologies, particularly in relation to parentage.

Dr William Viney is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Medical Humanities and Department of English Studies. He’s interested in genomics and twin studies.

Katherine Burke is a PhD student at the Department of Child Health, Cardiff University. She is conduting research into consent for whole genome sequencing in clinical paediatrics.

Amber Benezra is an anthropology PhD candidate at the New School for Social Research. Her dissertation project is about human-microbe relationships, specifically about commensal bacteria in the human gut, and the ontologcal/material, biological/social imperatives emerging from microbiome research. She is committed to new forms of ethical and effective natural/social science collaborations and conducted fieldwork at the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology at Washington University School of Medicine, and at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Adi Moreno is a PhD student at the Sociology department at the University of Manchester. Her research topic is surrogacy as a means to fatherhood among Israeli gay men, and is currently writing her thesis entitled ‘Surrogacy and ‘Gay Dads’ as a case study for Family Discourse Analysis’

Matthew Connolly is a PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University. His primary interests lie in the history and philosophy of psychology, particularly the interface between psychology and society. His doctoral research aims to introduce STS to Psychology by analysing how discipline is performed using Actor Network Theory. He also curates the CHIP reading group, which aims to engage students in Conceptual and Historical Issues in Philosophy.

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