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The PFGS is run by a volunteer postgraduate committee of MA and PhD students at universities around the UK.

The 2011-12 Co-Chairs were Stevienna de Saille (Leeds)  and Rachel Douglas-Jones (Durham). Rachel still runs the @PFGStweets twitter feed, follow us!

The PFGS is happy to welcome our new committee! Our 2013 Chair is Julia Swallow (Leeds/York). She is joined by Catriona Clark (Leeds) as Treasurer. Rachel and Stevie will remain on the committee as Publicity and Outreach, respectively, for the remainder of the academic year. However, we are still recruiting new committee members, as our former co-chairs have now reached the end of their PhDs. We particularly need:

  • Membership/General Secretary
  • Blog/Website Assistant

The positions are largely defined by those in them, so if you have ideas and initiative you can make as much of them as you want. The existing committee will be providing handover documents and continuing support.

To get in touch with the current committee, please email us at pfgsmtgs [at] googlemail [dot] com

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