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The PFGS Committee moderate and contribute to the upkeep of the blog, and we invite all members of the PFGS to contribute. Here are the profiles of our bloggers.

Alexis Paton

I am a PhD student at Newcastle University, working with the Policy, Ethics and Life Science Centre. My research interests focus on the use of assistive reproductive technologies in medicine. My PhD project is centred around identifying informational gaps that occur between patients, parents and health professionals in the emerging field of oncofertility. Specifically I am interested in comparing how the UK and Canada, my home country, deal with the complicated issue of preserving a cancer patient’s fertility while maintaining sufficient patient autonomy. I received my BSc Honours from the University of Kings College in 2007 and my MA in Philosophy at the University of British Colombia in 2010.

Lucia Ariza

I am a PhD student at the Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London. My research focuses on practices of gamete and embryo donation in the context of assisted reproductive technologies in Argentina. Working mostly from a Science and Technology perspective, I aim to understand the (usually normative) operation of material devices like photographs, forms, ‘profiles’, statistics and pieces of legislation, along four core areas of interest: kinship, knowledge, value and ethics. My project is due for submission by August 2011.

Rachel Douglas-Jones

I recently completed my PhD at the University of Durham. I conducted field research on the governance of clinical trials in Asia, focusing on capacity building in ethical review.This has involved interviews with members of ethics review committees, participation in trainings and workshops conducted by an international NGO and the community building activities that these entail. While my work does not address Genetics and Society directly, I found the events coordinated by the PFGS very useful during my studies and, as 2011-12 co-chair, I run this blog to continue the provision for students finding themselves ‘between’ disciplines.

Sheila Kendrick

My name’s Sheila Kendrick and I am a second year part time PhD student,exploring the theme of ‘geneticization of media space’. I come from a background in the arts – namely graphic design / digital design, so it seemed fairly logical to include my specialism into a piece of sociological research. Working from home more than on campus, I crave intellectual interaction, and I thought that this would be an ideal vehicle for that!

Stuart Nicholls

I completed my PhD at Lancaster University in the UK. Based in the department of mathematics and statistics, but jointly supervised by philosophy, my research takes a mixed methods approach to exploring parental decision-making within the context of newborn bloodspot screening (the heel prick). With a background in both science (my first degree was in genetics) and postgraduate training in medical ethics I have an interest in  genetic and reproductive technologies and the application of social science methods to explore patient/public experiences of and attitudes towards these.

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