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Colloquium Abstracts 1998 December

Colloquium 2: 18-19 December 1998

University College London

This meeting was organised by Adam Hedgecoe and hosted by the Department of Science and Technology Studies at University College London.

Presentations were given by Jane Gow, Adam Hedgecoe, Amade M’charek, Shaun Pattinson, Niall Scott & Richard Tutton. Other participants included Wan Ching Yee, Sandra Parsons, Sandra Squires, Sahra Gibbon, Claudia Downing & Julie Farrell.

The report, by Niall Scott of Lancaster University, is available here.

Presentation Titles

 Adam Hedgecoe

‘Reinventing diabetes: communicating the genetics of disease’

Amade M’charek

‘Naturalisation of a reference sequence: Anderson or the Mitochondrial Eve of modern genetics’

Shaun Pattinson

‘Assisted reproduction regulation in Europe’

Niall Scott

‘The Human Genome Project and evolution’

Richard Tutton

‘Culture and identity in European genetic diversity
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