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Colloquium Report 2003

Originally reported in the University of Sussex Bulletin 19th September 2003, webpage no longer available but the text is reproduced below thanks to the Wayback Machine.

The new Freeman Centre played host to its first international conference last month, ‘Hope, Hype and Hysteria: Living with Genetic Uncertainty’.

The title of the conference reflected the research interests of the group of doctoral students who organised the meeting. The group, the Postgraduate Forum on Genetics in Society (PFGS), have run seven annual meetings to date, at a different university each year – proving that it is possible for students to run a sustainable series of meetings in the UK funding environment.

The meeting had the aim of promoting debate among research students from a range of social science disciplines, while at the same time allowing them to gain experience and strengthen their research by presenting their work in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Delegates came from as far afield as Canada, Estonia, Ghana and Scandinavia, as well as from all corners of the UK.

Invited speakers included Professor Ian Diamond, chief executive of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which supported the event. They also included representatives from three ESRC research centres at Edinburgh, Exeter and Lancaster dedicated to researching the social and ethical impact of genetics on society.

The high quality of the presentations led to some very positive feedback. It seems delegates were also very impressed with the new Freeman Centre, as well as Brighton’s fish and chips – a real novelty for overseas visitors.



Abstracts for this event are not available, but it is known that Roneltap, A. from the University of Wageningen presented on Seeing the future first and most clearly : an experimental approach to information acceleration in nutrigenomics.

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